Social Organisation On Various Aspects (SOOVA) is a non-profit voluntary organization established in the year of 2004 and registered in year 2005 under Odisha Societies Registration Act, 2001 (Act no 35 or, 2001) in Bhubaneswar . Now the Organization is functioning in Odisha with several activities in the field of Development for Tribal people , keeping an objective of Educational development and well-being of children.

So, the intrinsic focus of all its interventions that SOOVA practices tend to enhancement of human capabilities to go with an expansion of productivities and earning power. The deprivations are seen at a more fundamental level-one closer to the informational demands and social injustice.For SOOVA, while it is important to distinguish the notion of poverty as capability inadequacy from that of poverty as lowness of income, the two perspectives cannot but be related, since income is such an important means to capabilities. And since enhanced capabilities in leading a life tends to expand a person’s ability to be more productive and earn a higher income, SOOVA endeavors a connection going from capability improvement to greater earning power and not the other way around.

Livelihood Refabrication from Grassroot

SOOVA uses interpersonal methods of communication, and study the right entry points whereby we gain the trust of the communities that seek to benefit. SOOVA also possesses a good idea of the feasibility of the projects we take up. The significance of this role for the NABARD and many national and international donor agencies is that SOOVA can ground any projects through effective community mobilization and active stakeholders participations and can make it sustainable. With that conviction, NABARD has been providing Watershed, WADI, Entrepreneuship Development like projects to SOOVA since last more than 12 years.

Besides, many national and international organizations and Government Departments have been supporting SOOVA with complete confidence that their project will be effectively materialized and will be sustained even after the end of the project durations. Mayurbhanj Socio-Economic Development (MSED) is one such project has been entrusted to SOOVA by the HEIFER INTERNATIONAL (USA). In the same way, KfW (GERMANY) has awarded SOOVA with the Climate Change Adaptation Project. The basic thrust behind all initiatives are to enhance the Agricultural Productivities in an integrated way and through Organic Framing.

Our Services

The best way for development of enthusiastic livelihood

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Women Empowerment

Tribal women in the rural villages have been strategically empowered and have been made them integral through SAMARTHYA plan to hold profit making business in their native area by maintaining unitary bond of “We Feeling” for common living in a proverbial platform and networking for bringing community transformational development in to their region. 370 nos. of WSHG & 8000 women have been plugged into the women federations who are now addressing gender development issues at their own vicinity from time to time. Women’s have come out of the shells and are actively involved in different income generating activities.

Women from various SHGs in Bamboo cooperative for Agarbati stic making, women from 12 SHGs are successfully doing the trade by their own effort also some other activities like Poultry, goatary and NTFP business. Using local natural resource SOOVA has set off an exertion of encouraging and empowering local SHG women through honey processing unit. 300 SHG women in this business and 153 primary honey collector’s family will be highly benefited, maintaining a Eco-Friendly life in their own home land. A tune of 2000 kg honey has been collected by SHGs from the local tribal Lodha and Khadia honey collectors and they are now in common endeavor to process , grading , branding it and have earned benefit by selling it in the nearest best market avenues.